Monday, 12 September 2016

Initial Summer Project drawings

So I found out I have a Summer Project involving 101 unique drawn concepts + 9 additional refined versions. I haven't done 101 drawings in my entire adult life - prior to last year, I couldn't draw.

I have actually got the first quarter done though!

I decided to use the recommended Wacom Pro graphics tablet for the whole thing so I can get to grips with it. I've only used graphics tablets for digital sculpting previously.

I'm pleased with my start, but I've noticed the following:
  • Nicer(ish) drawings take too long. I think I've defeated the point of 'thumbnail' drawings. I'm going to try and simplify my next set of drawings, no frills, since I know speed's going to be a big deal on the course.
  • I need to work on facial expressions. There's not much variance in the character of the lifeforms I have so far, I should maybe introduce more human facial characteristics in some of them and go a slightly more anthropomorphic, cartoony route.
  • I'm particularly pleased with no. 20, I think it came out so well since it's one of the few I've used a construction sketch to put it in perspective properly - it did take too long though, so I'll just use construction lines for the final turn-around drawings.


  1. Hey Joel - thanks for sending your blog through - just a quick note: your actual name doesn't feature on your blog at all, which is a problem if anyone wants to ever work with you, and likewise the 'procrastinor' thing might not be the best first impression... control the message and all that...

  2. Hi - see link for examples of previous Invisible Cities project work:
    Please share widely and ensure your classmates are looking at all of this too!

    More announcements to follow on the group blog soon!

  3. See link: