Monday, 26 September 2016

Character Creation - Adobe Illustrator Tut.

So I got to take my first stab at creating a character concept in Simon's Adobe Illustrator Tutorial on Friday. It had to be Monsters Inc esque and be a kind of beatnik (I learnt a new word!), artisty kind of character. Basically a pretentious douche kind of a character.

I think my design went a tad darker than what Pixar might have had in mind, but I like it. Well... As much as anyone can like a crazed blob wearing a beret and licking its own eyeball.
The initial drawn design, fleshed out from some quick thumbnails. It has 3 tentacles, 3 eyes, and 2 claw-arms to scrape itself along the floor at high speed so that it can continue screech poetry and marxist propaganda at you as you run.
This is the shiny refined version made by tracing over a scan of the original concept in Adobe Illustrator. I spent quite a frustrating while getting used to how the progam generates curves, but once I got my head around it I got a much cleaner result and the image has a lot more character from having played with the line weighting/widths.

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