Thursday, 22 September 2016

First Life Drawing Session

The first life drawing session was brilliant. I have little confidence in my drawing at this stage and can have trouble starting. The session forced me to just do it, put out whatever I was seeing as roughly as I wanted, and I surprised myself with some of the results.

I photographed my work and it is displayed in order in the Scribd document below. 

The first exercise I was quite light handed, so I have multiple closer up photos of the one drawing because the detail wasn't being picked up well by my phone's camera.

I'm most pleased with the sheet of multiple 5 min continuous line drawings. Some of the proportions are off, I wasn't able to capture all of the model's form each time, but in spite of that each drawing was better than the last, and I feel like I started to capture some of the crucial detail that really conveys a sense of his pose and almost motion, and as a result didn't need the whole form or fine details. I was able to achieve much more in the time than I expected.

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  1. Well done, Joel - pleased you enjoyed yourself - more to come and you've really caught Robin's likeness in some of those face studies - congrats!