Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Invisible Cities Audio Excerpts - MP3 Versions, Single Download

If any fellow first years haven't already checked out the audio excerpts, do so - it really helps transport you to these cities, and the narrator is fantastic, he adds an entire extra dimension of depth which the text on its own lacks. I solemnly swear listening to them helps, even whilst drawing.

HOWEVER, the files on myUCA are in the rather inflexible .mov format, set up as 19 seperate (large) downloads. I wanted to be able to listen to these on my phone so I converted them to MP3s, which obviously can be played on anything, and also massively brought down the file size.

I took the time to download and convert the files for myself, so I've uploaded the set of 19 MP3s as a zipped folder here for anyone who, like me, wants it on their phone/mp3 player to listen to on the train etc, or is just baffled by .mov files.


  1. Wicked, I'll be honest the audio excerpts keep slipping my mind so it's really useful to see a reminder about them and to read how much they can help.
    Thank you for sharing the files and your thoughts!!

  2. Thanks for showing such initiative, Joel - much appreciated!

    1. No problem. Hope it didn't sound like a whinge, it wasn't meant to x)