Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Intro to Maya - NURBS and Polygon Modeling

First Maya tutorial. Although I've previously used Blender for modelling, Blender works very differently to Maya, so essentially I'm learning from scratch anyway.

We were initially introduced to NURBS, and how to use curves to generate NURBS surfaces (in order to form volumes). It's a modelling method I haven't encountered before, which worked really well for rapidly forming organic shapes. I used the method to great a variety of Chalices/Fluted Glasses and a tureen, so which I angled as if they were in the process of being knocked over.

In order to get to grips with poly modelling I modeled a goblet, starting from a cylinder mesh as a base, inserting and manipulating edge loops to push and pull the mesh into the rough form of the goblet, which was then smoothed out by converting it to SubD surfaces.
NURBS Surfaces Crockery
Wireframe Overlay showing the Isoparms
Poly modeled goblet, smoothed out by SubD surface mode
Wireframe Overlay showing the smoothed out poly mesh

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