Thursday, 29 September 2016

Online Maya Tut. Introduction to Autodesk Maya: Block Modeling

This is my version of the retro ray gun from the second online tutorial, made using the block modeling method whereby polygon primitives are essentially shoved inside each other to create an overall form. The final render was achieved by applying a three-tone toon style shader to every individual object that the overall volume is comprised of, and an intersecting outline effect.

Anyone that hasn't looked at this yet, I'd strongly recommend watching the video through, and then modeling it from memory as best you can, just referring back to the video for little bits you absolutely can't remember. If you keep pausing the video to do it step by tiny step it will, the exercise will drag out and you'll likely miss important details in the video.

Once you've survived the ordeal of the video (1 hour 10 minutes), making the gun is actually good fun.
"Pew pew"

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