Thursday, 22 September 2016

Digital Painting Induction Part 1 - Greyscale Apples

This the result of my initial foray into digital painting from Monday's Photoshop session. 

I haven't painting digitally before (as may be obvious) and I'm pleased with this initial outcome as my technique improved with each successive apple. I painted each apple separately starting from the right, experimenting with different brushes until I started to get effects I liked. I relied heavily on clipping masks - starting with a block silhouette which then locked down the workable area in the next layer - to allow me to focus on tone without worrying about ruining my overall forms, which I found to be a great perk of working digitally vs analogue.

I can see clear issues with form and contrast which I have improved upon (and will continue to) in follow up digital painting practices.

Still life Apples! And one lumpy Death Star...

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