Friday, 30 September 2016

Adobe Animate - 2D Motion Exercise

Today's animation session focused on the distinction between timing and spacing necessary to create realistic motion.
In order to develop an understanding I produced two separate experiments.
The first is simple linear motion of a ball. The uppermost ball moves at a constant rate, whereas the second accelerates and and decelerates. More tightly spaced frames produced an illusion of slowing, whereas spaced out frames created a sense of speed. Acceleration/deceleration was achieved by staggering the increase/decrease in the spacing of each frame.

The second experiment was with motion along a curve or about a pivot, using pendulums. The first - stuck to a horizon line, was to illustrate incorrect movement when a curve was expected, one shows curved motion at a constant speed, and one shows a more natural motion, accelerating and decelerating at it's trough and peaks.
Zooming Balls (50 FPS)
My array of pendulums (50 FPS)
25 FPS
25 FPS


  1. Ha! Trying to hypnotise me, eh? It will never work... *eyes glaze over*

    1. Well, since you're under - You will exteeend the deadline....

  2. Hey Joel,

    Not sure why your 'incorrect' pendulum is a flat disc instead of being a ball but they all show the correct principles, so, well done. :)